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We stock a natural pharmacy in our office because these are the formulations that WE TRUST to provide the potency and quality necessary to achieve the desired therapeutic outcome. Buying a cheaper, look-alike formula may or may not produce the expected response.  Another important reason we carry an in-office pharmacy is for your convenience when you’re sick, making an extra stop to ponder the multitude of brands, can be very challenging. We have attempted to make your decision to manage your health as affordable as possible, in part by reducing the cost of nutritional supplements.

All clients and retail customers of Organically Holistic Concepts receive a 10% discount off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, of virtually all the professional, physician-strength, nutritional supplements!

A partial list of nutritional supplement companies™ products at Organically Holistic Concepts

  • Aloe Life International
  • Douglas Laboratories
  • Enzymedica, Inc.
  • Enzyme Science
  • Host Defense
  • Mega Food
  • Metagenics
  • Nature’s Plus
  • Paradise Herbs And Essentials, Inc.
  • Pines International Inc. (The Wheat Grass People)


Meeting your needs means everything to us, as does making sure the quality and transparency are constant every step of the way. That’s why the supplements that we recommend conduct rigorous testing on all of their products and ingredients. All to deliver the best products, that work the best for you, and a sustainable, more resilient future, too.


Independent, third-party verification organizations certify compliance with a range of premium standards applicable to their company, ingredients, and products.


Pharmaceutical grade supplements are nutrients that are produced in a high-quality, standardized, consistent manner. They do not contain any binders, fillers or dyes.

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