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We are a team of two professional Nutritional Counselors with extensive experience with the latest trends and technologies in the wellness industry.

We are known for the most affordable and thorough wellness treatments that our clients have been loving for years. Whether it is Epigenetic Hair Analysis, Personalized Nutrition, Wellness, Supplement Guidance, or more, we assure the best help in a comfortable and friendly environment. We’ve built relationships with many clients.

BIO – Natalie K. Weeks

In 1994, Natalie began her journey into the natural products industry by starting her first job in a family-owned health food store called Beans & Grains & Things in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was then that the 15-year-old felt a connection with customers by sharing organic products and enlightening them to a way of living that had a much deeper purpose. By sharing products that cared for the animals, the planet, and one-self the seed was planted in Natalie to want to empower the consumer for many years to come.

Natalie has worked at her family-owned health food store in Palm Springs, CA. She managed her own demo company in 1999/2000 and again in 2015-present. In between, she worked for a bio-identical hormone doctor helping many patients manage their monthly supplement programs. She has worked as a vitamin clerk at Sprouts Farmer’s Market in La Quinta, CA. She then went on to work for a natural products brokerage as a territory sales manager. Where she handled her territory of health food stores, training the staff on multiple supplements and providing product information to them so that they could use it to help their customers. In one way, shape, or form Natalie has always surrounded herself with health and wellness. Over the years, watching this industry grow by leaps and bounds it has become more and more crucial to support companies with integrity and to guide consumers on the importance of knowing the difference between clean, high-quality products and the ones that simply are not. All along her journey thus far, Natalie & her Mom Diane, have always been fortunate enough to work with each other and make for a strong supportive team.

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BIO – Diane K. Weeks

My interest in nutrition & holistic health came about when I was 36 years old and was diagnosed with severe damage from arthritis in my neck. I had been dealing with the pain for over a year, thinking it was just from my job, and I couldn’t quit that!  So I was determined I did not want meds or surgery, which were the options given to me by the doctors at that time. My journey began……and it is now my career.

It has been 26 years officially in the health industry and to start with I would like to share….nutrition is our foundation from the time of birth.

Not knowing where to begin, my friend had given me this small book about arthritis. It started by explaining the food we eat and how it affects our health. I could easily put it together what I was eating & drinking daily was causing my pain and now a disease.

Now at age 68, I still have to walk the line, but I know that I can control my pain and hopefully do things to have a more enjoyable life. I am always dedicated to continue to learn and share my world with people that want and need assistance as I did.

My first training in the industry was always hands-on, working in health food stores, meeting different people in health. I became a representative for a vitamin & supplement company, that enriched my knowledge in so many ways.  MY goal was to open up my health food store, which became a reality 1999 -2007. That lead me to take my Nutritional Courses to further my education to become more qualified in helping others. Being in the industry I would meet many mentors that enhanced my education.  I was very interested in Bio-Identical Hormones and had a seminar at my store that led me to meet a doctor that specialized in natural medicine/hormones. I was then offered to work in the practice and had my first nutritional consulting position. My world of health just kept opening up and going in very interesting directions.

Now I am in Selma, NC along with some of my children and their families.  My daughter Natalie is the co-owner and my partner in our new venture Organically Holistic Concepts.  I have watched her grow with knowledge, the expertise of her own in this health experience.

Years ago when we were working together in our demo business, we were given the name “ The Dynamic Duo” by one of our peers –  and we continue to be!

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